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For more information on how you can support the Cherry Hill Arts & Music Waterfront Festival please send an email to: or by filling out the form below


South Baltimore’s historic Cherry Hill community is home to countless art visionaries. Their work invigorates and inspires. The Covid-19 pandemic has exacerbated pre-existing inequities and altered community-based arts education for the foreseeable future. Through a partnership with the Cherry Hill Community Coalition and the Cherry Hill Education Committee, the Cherry Hill Arts & Music Waterfront Festival has devised age appropriate culturally-responsive ways to continue to bring joy and community to children and youth through the power of arts and culture.

The Cherry Hill Arts & Music Waterfront Festival is currently raising funds for critical educational arts and crafts supplies for children and youth in the Cherry Hill community through our Virtual Benefit Concert. If you believe, as we do, that arts and culture is important for children and youth in Cherry Hill– you can help. Your gift, of any amount, can help.


“Cultural arts provides that avenue of exploration, connectivity, and creativity. Without it, our children may see their world, during this pandemic, as one that restricts and offers no opportunity for the expression of life!”

Peggy Jackson-Jobe
Cherry Hill Community Education Coordinator