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Be a part of history! Learn about sponsorship opportunities for our 5th Anniversary Cherry Hill Arts & Music Waterfront Festival!
July 4th, 2021.

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2020 Cherry Hill Arts & Music Waterfront Festival Goes Virtual
Announces ‘Art Has No Boundaries’ Benefit Concert

Fanon Hill

For Immediate Release

[Baltimore, MD) – The Covid-19 pandemic has altered the way arts and entertainment functions for the foreseeable future. Local organizations have devised ways to continue to bring joy and community to the people they serve.

On Saturday, July 4, 2020, the Cherry Hill Arts & Music Waterfront Festival will hold a free and virtual benefit concert. Lineup, streaming information and time will be announced at a later date.

“Cherry Hill Arts & Music Waterfront Festival organizers remain committed to providing long-term arts education and experiences that serve as a cultural and social/emotional lifeline for children, youth and elders in Cherry Hill,” said Navasha Daya, festival co-director and Youth Resiliency Institute director of the healing and performing arts.

Organizers transitioned the festival to virtual format after guidance and instruction from local and state authorities. “Through our virtual benefit concert, we will use art to create a space where all are welcome and reminded that art has no boundaries, even during the COVID-19 pandemic,” Daya said.

The festival will raise funds for critical educational arts and crafts supplies in the Cherry Hill community. There are opportunities for supporters to donate to the festival arts relief fund leading up to and during the virtual concert.

“We hope that this year’s virtual festival serves as a beacon of hope during this difficult time,” said playwright and great-grandmother Shirley Foulks of the Mama Shirley’s Cultural Arts & Wellness Center, who co-founded the festival in 2017 with cultural arts organizer and Youth Resiliency Institute executive director, Fanon Hill.

The center, named in Foulks’ honor and located in the heart of the Cherry Hill Community, partners with the Waterfront Festival to provide yearlong arts education, arts mentorship and outreach with a focus on cross-generational arts engagement.

Equally important, the center provides important arts training and employment opportunities for Cherry Hill artists so that they can become better at their own creative practice and experience a greater level of visibility and sustainability.

“Mama Shirley’s Cultural Arts & Wellness Center contributes to a sense of community in historic Cherry Hill by offering high quality cultural art experiences that reflect resident’s lived experience and perspectives on a consistent basis,” said Hill.

Since early March, festival organizers have been working in partnership with Cherry

Hill-based organizations helping to distribute food and care packages to residents facing hardships as a direct result of the COVID-19 crisis. Equally important, festival organizers have been working to strengthen critical art-based educational supports for children and youth in the South Baltimore’s Cherry Hill community.

“Cultural arts provides that avenue of exploration, connectivity, and creativity. Without it, our children may see their world, during this pandemic, as one that restricts and offers no opportunity for the expression of life!” said Cherry Hill Community Education Coordinator Peggy Jackson-Jobe.

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For more information on sponsorship opportunities, please contact Navasha Daya at or (443) 934-1972.



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